What the Doctors are say about GHR PLATINUM and HGH


"This is where we’ve been wanting to go and needing to go for a long time. We now have this technology and ability with GHR PLATINUM to naturally increase the HGH levels with no side effects and it’s affordable. The greatest medical discoveries in the 20 century were anesthesia and antibiotics. We know that this increased life by 10 to 15 years a person. Many Doctors feel THIS is going to eclipse both of those discoveries. This is going to reverse aging symptoms in ways people didn’t think was possible. It’s going to restore energy levels. Increase the deep REM sleep, reduce body fat, which we know is associated with many diseases from diabetes to high blood pressure, to cancer. I mean, I just can’t say enough about how well this product works and how much it’s needed for us aging adults!"

-Dr Dan Burt, MD


"I’ve been on GHR PLATINUM for over a year. I find this has increased my strength and muscle mass, I’ve lost body fat and I have more mental alertness, which is crucial in my field. It’s a great product and I recommend this to all my friends. My son and I are enjoying the rich benefits of GHR PLATINUM together."

- Dr Dan Silver, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon; Editor of Health Magazines


"I’m 57, and I find my energy is better. And I find that people tell me I actually look younger and my hair stopped graying."

- Dr Douglas, MD


"Growing old brings countless rewards, such as watching our families grow up, grandchildren, greater knowledge, however, it is undeniable that aging robs us from enjoying our young mental and physical bodies. Although we can’t completely stop the aging process, we CAN make improvements in the WAY we age. And the ingredients in GHR-Platinum are CLINICALLY PROVEN to reverse many symptoms of aging. If you are 30 years old or even past the age of 70, it’s never too early or too late to start battling the harmful contributors to the aging process. But you need to take this right away! Don’t wait until your symptoms worsen! Life is much too precious! Allow this product to not only help you extend your life span, but increase the QUALITY of your mental and physical health so that you CAN do or CONTINUE to do the things you enjoy."

- Dr Randall West, D.O.


"This is where we’ve been wanting to go and needing to go for a long time. We now have this technology and ability with GHR PLATINUM to naturally increase the HGH levels with no side effects and it’s affordable. The greatest medical discoveries in the 20 century were anesthesia and antibiotics. We know that this increased life by 10 to 15 years a person. Many Doctors feel THIS is going to eclipse both of those discoveries. This is going to reverse aging symptoms in ways people didn’t think was possible. It’s going to restore energy levels. Increase the deep REM sleep, reduce body fat, which we know is associated with many diseases from diabetes to high blood pressure, to cancer. I mean, I just can’t say enough about how well this product works and how much it’s needed for us aging adults!"

-Dr. Daniel Rudman, M.D.


"The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable ... We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed.

By replenishing your supply of Growth Hormone, you can recover your vigor, health, looks and sexuality. For the first time in human history, we can intervene in the aging process, restore many aspects of youth, resist disease, substantially improve the quality of life, and perhaps extend the life span itself. The 'Fountain of Youth' lies within the cells of each of us. All you need to do is release it. It is now possible to reverse the effects of aging 10-20 years. And whereas aging used to be considered a fact of life, the medical community now considers it a degenerative disease that can be treated."If you are like one-fourth of the older population and are severely deficient in Human Growth Hormone, then HGH therapy with the injections might be for you. But if you are like nearly 80% of the population age 40 and up you are still making small, if declining amounts of Human Growth Hormone you can boost your HGH levels by taking certain natural supplements. And you can do it safely, effectively, and economically."

-Dr Ronald Klatz, M.D., President of the American Academy of Anti Aging, author of "Grow Young with HGH"


Amino Acid Blend As we age, our body stops producing an adequate supply of HGH amino acids. Out of the 191 amino acids in the Growth Hormone chain, GHR PLATINUM replenishes the body with the needed blend of stacked HGH amino acids in the right ratio and molecular weight that helps stimulate and restore the release of your body’s own natural Growth Hormone. "Many substances stimulate the release of Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland. Amino acids (from HGH chain), drugs and exercise are among the provocateurs."

-Dr LE Dorman, "Growth Hormone, The Methuselah Factor", pg 35.


Acetyl L-Carnitine Helps improve overall cognitive function. It’s been known to "PREVENT the loss of nerve cells (in the brain). ALC sharpens memory, alertness, and learning ability. Replenishing depleted supplies of ALC slow and actually REVERSES brain aging."

-Timothy J Smith, M.D. - author of a revolutional anti-aging book called "Renewal", pg 303.


Anterior Pituitary (usa source) and Hypothalamus (usa source) “Glandular extractions used for hundreds of years to improve health. Now known to greatly improve the human glands responsible for producing HGH. NaturesTechnology Inc and affiliate companies have manufactured various Growth Hormone Releasers for many years; no other natural supplements come close to being as effective without these two key active ingredients. For a tissue cell to repair itself, it must have the raw materials necessary to do so. Glandular therapy provides the raw materials to the failing glands and tissues so that they can start the process of regeneration. Biochemist Jeffrey Bland, Ph. D., explains how glandular therapy products work. According to him, glandular-based food supplements may contain small polypeptide, protein-like substances which have specific messenger activity and which act on target tissues. He suggested glandular tissues, even at low concentrations, still have potent tissue-specific activities. For example, a small polypeptide material present in one tissue can have selective effects in encouraging another tissue at a different site in the body to produce hormonal materials, which then may affect a final target tissue and change its physiological function.”

-J. Bland, Biochemist, "Glandular-Based Food supplements: Helping to Separate Fact from Fiction," Bellevue-Redmond Medical Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA, 1980, pp. 20-21.


GABA A specialized amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It improves the sleep cycle and calms the nervous system. "GABA, via gammahydroxybutyrate is a potent stimulator of HGH release."

-Dr Dick Weatherby, "Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels", pg 27.


Colostrum "Known to burn fat, elevates the mood, promote nutrient uptake of the cells, prevent the loss of age related elasticity, reduces physical recovery time and improves physical performance. HGH converts in IGF-1(Insulin Growth Factor) within minutes of the body releasing it into the body. Colostrum is a prime source of IGF-1, which is why usage amongst professional athletes is on the rise. "Some researchers believe that colostrum is 3 to 5 more effective than synthetic HGH."

-Abazar Habibinia, M.D., "How to Naturally Increase Growth Hormone and Testosterone", pg 29.


OKG "A strong HGH secretagogue. Increases lean body muscle gain, stimulates body's healing process and removes toxins. OKG has been used in cancer treatment to reduce abnormal cells. "OKG stimulates the secretion and enhances the effects of HGH."

-Dr Dicken Weatherby, "Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels", pg 28.


Alpha GPC "This nutrient is shown to slow down the aging of the brain. Improves overall mental cognition, memory and fights depression. Alpha GPC is recommended to stroke victims to help with their cognitive recovery. "Alpha GPC increases levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which results in an increase in HGH secretion."

-Dr Ronald Klatz,"Anti-Aging Revolution", pg 340.


L-Dopa Bean "Extracted from the mucuna prurien herb, L-Dopa bean is known to increase HGH production. It's shown to increase sexual libido. It has an anti-diabetic function due to it ability to decrease serum blood glucose levels. "We know that certain conditions in the body; including obesity, hypothyroidism and diabetes can cause a drop in GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) from the hypothalmus which leads to decreased HGH secretion. L-Dopa may help reverse that by increasing GHRH secretion."

-Dr Dicken Weatherby, Naturopathic Physician, "Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels" pg 35.


CoQ-10 "Supplies physical and mental energy to each of our body's cells. Has been shown to inhibit the aging process on a cellular level, especially among those middle aged or older. Boosts brain fuction. Helps prevent heart diseases. Increases physical performance and exercise endurance. "Co-Enzyme may inhibit the reduction of Growth Hormone levels."

-Abazar Habibinia, M.D., "How to Naturally Increase Growth Hormone and Testosterone", pg 42.


Gingko Biloba(organic) "Used as an energizer for mental cognition and memory. Increases blood flow to the brain and oxygen to the organs. This increase of circulation to the sexual organs has shown to improve sexual health."

-Sikora R, Sohn M, Deutz FJ, et al. Urologische Klinik RWTH Aachen in J. Urology 141: 188A (1989)


Phosphatidyl Serine "Over 3,000 published research papers and more than 60 clinical trials have established that Phosphatidyl Serine can rejuvenate your brain cell membranes and thus, help strengthen your memory, improve learning ability and cognition, sharpen mental alertness, relieve depression improve mood, inhibit exercise and stress induced increases in cortisol and decrease stress—for the young or old. Phosphatidyl Choline Aids in improving memory loss associated with aging and improves mental cognition. Helps liver remove toxic wastes. Within our cells, choline is translated into the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which is vital for efficient brain function and communication."

-Cippoli, C. and Chiari, G. "Effects of L-Acetylcholine on Mental Deterioration of the Aged," Clinica Terapeutica 132L:429-510, March 31, 1990.


Alpha Lipoic Acid - "A powerful antioxidant known to neutralize free radicals that damage our cells and helps prevent nerve damage. It also dissolves toxic substances in the liver. Helps to reduce the blood sugar in diabetics. Referred to as the "New Pill That End Aging"

-Reader Digest, Nov 2003.


OPC (organic) "A grape seed extract that is 50 times more effective than vitamin E and 20 times more effective than vitamin C as an antioxidant. One of the most powerful nutrients to neutralize free radicals cause by stress, chemicals in foods and medicines".

-Shi, John; Yu, Jianmel; Pohorly, Joseph E.; Kakuda, Yukio (2003). "Polyphenolics in Grape SeedsBiochemistry and Functionality". Journal of Medicinal Food 6 (4): 291–9. doi:10.1089/109662003772519831. PMID 14977436.


Goji Berries(organic) "This powerful antioxidant helps increase Growth Hormone, enhance sexual libido, improve sleep, burn unwanted fat, known to keep the heart and other vital organs healthy, as well as fight cancer. Goji berries are small, reddish berries that are grown in China. Goji berries have been known to be used by the Chinese to treat a variety of illnesses and health problems for approximately 2,300 years. According to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, author for Genesistoday.com, goji berries ease anxiety, facilitate a better night’s sleep, promote a more positive outlook on life and help the body respond better to physical and mental stress. Individuals participating in a clinical study on the benefits of goji berries reported an enhanced sense of well-being and more restful sleep during the 15 day testing period"

- According to H. Amagase, lead author of "A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Study of the General Effects of a Standardized Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Juice, GoChi."


Resveratrol "an ingredient found in the skin of red grapes that is known to have anti aging properties, rich in antioxidants, fights cancer and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Also known for its role is the reduction of heart disease and life extension properties. Benefits highlighted in ABC News special with Barber Walters, "Live to 150, Can we do it?"

-Gescher AJ, Steward WP. Relationship between mechanisms, bioavailability, and preclinical chemopreventive efficacy of resveratrol: a conundrum. Cancer Epidemiol Biomark Prev 2003;12:953-7. Wenzel E, Somoza V. Metabolism and bioavailability of trans-resveratrol. Mol Nutr Food Res 2005;49:472-81.


B1 (Thiamin) "Helps increase energy. Aids digestion. Essential for transmission of certain nerve signals in the brain. Helps keep the heart muscles healthy. A healthy intake of the B-complex vitamins is important for anyone who wants to keep depression at bay"

-Harold Bloomfield, M.D., a psychiatrist in Del Mar, California and coauthor of "How to Deal with Depression".


B2 (Riboflavin) "Increases energy. Metabolizes carbohydrates and protects against free radical damage. Promotes healthy skin and good vision. Relieves migraine headaches. There's been a lot of evidence that if you're deficient in thiamin or riboflavin, over time it's going to lead to depression of the whole functioning of the body, both physically and emotionally," says Dr Bloomfield. "Deficiencies in thiamin, niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12 can all cause mental dysfunction"

- Vernon Mark, M.D., author of "Reversing Memory Loss".


B5 (Pantothenic Acid) "Increases energy. Known as an effective weight reducing agent. Aids in wound healing and also know to lower bad cholesterol levels. Used for a healthy digestive tract and essential to production of antibodies, will help with arthritis and is an anti-inflammatory."

-Dr Ronald Klatz, "Ten Weeks To A Younger You".


B6 (Pyridoxine) "Maintains a healthy nervous system. Regulates body fluids. Can relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and PMS symptoms, even helps asthmatics. Often called the "mood vitamin" because of its very important for helping our brain and metabolism. A new study has shown Vitamin B6 may play a role in preventing cancer."

-Leslie Wade, CNN Medical Producer


B12 (Cobalamin) "Vital for healthy nervous system and aids in the production of DNA and RNA. Replicates and produces red and white blood cells. Recent studies have suggested Vitamin B12 assists in lowering risks in developing breast cancer. Vitamins B6 and B12, and folic acid, lower the levels of an amino acid called homocysteine that is linked to brain-cell damage similar to that is seen in Alzheimer patients"

- According to the study published in PLoS One, a publication of the Public Library of Science, a nonprofit in San Francisco.


Over 20.000 clinical studies show the benefits of HGH therapy. Here are few for your review: On July 5, 1990, Daniel Rudman, M.D., a top researcher in HGH therapy, and his colleagues, at the Medical College of Wisconsin, published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine. They compared the effects of six months of HGH injections on twelve men, ages sixty-one to eighty-one, with an aged-matched control group. The results made medical history. The group taking the HGH injections gained an average of 8.8 percent of muscle and lost an average of 14.4 percent of body fat, with diets or exercise. The men’s' skin grow thicker and firmer and the lumbar bones of the spine increased. "The effects of six months of Human Growth Hormone on lean body mass and adipose-tissue mass were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10 to 20 years of aging", says Dr Rudman. Further, he adds: "The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable." From 1994 to 1996, the largest study on the effect of Growth Hormone on humans has taken place at the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute under the direction of Dr Edmund Chein, director of the institute, and his associate Dr Leon Terry, a neuroendocrinologist from the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr Chein helped restore GH levels for patients who are deficient (IGF-1 less than 350 ng/ml) with low dose, high frequency injections. Here are the results:



Effects of Growth Hormone Administration

(Low Dose-High Frequency) in 202 Patients
L.Case Terry, M.D., Ph.D & Edmund Chein, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin & Palm Springs Life Extension Institute



Strength, Exercise & Body Fat
Muscle Strength.....................................88%
Muscle Size............................................81%
Body Fat Loss........................................72%
Exercise Tolerance..................................81%
Exercise Endurance................................83%

Skin & Hair
Skin Texture...........................................71%
Skin Thickness......................................68%
Skin Elasticity........................................71%
Wrinkle Disappearance...........................51%
New Hair Growth.....................................38%

Healing, Flexibility & Resistance
Healing of old injuries..............................55%
Healing of other injuries...........................61%
Healing Capacity....................................71%
Back Flexibility.......................................53%
Resistance to Common Illness.................73%

Sexual Function
Sexual Potency/Frequency......................75%
Duration of Penile Erection.......................62%
Frequency of Nighttime Urination..............57%
Hot Flashes............................................58%
Menstrual Cycle Regulation......................39%

Energy, Emotions & Memory
Energy Level...........................................84%
Emotional Stability..................................67%
Attitude Toward Life.................................78%


In 1989, Dr. Franco Salomon and his associates in London, England demonstrated that Growth Hormone given to deficient adults over a course of 6 months resulted in an increase in lean body mass of over 10% and a 7% reduction of body fat. These subjects experienced an increase in basal metabolic rate as well as improved strength and exercise performance, which had previously been below normal. Salomon F, Cuneo RC, Hesp R, Sönksen PH. (1989) The effects of treatment with recombinant human Growth Hormone on body composition and metabolism in adults with Growth Hormone deficiency.

-N Engl J Med 321: 1797-1803.(961 Zitationen)


In Italy, Dr Serafino Fazio et al evaluated the effects of Growth Hormone with moderate to severe heart failure. The researchers found that HGH, when combined with standard heart failure treatment, resulted in increased efficiency of the heart's energy consumption and ability to pump a higher volume of blood while increasing circulation by reducing peripheral vascular resistance. This research opens the door for Growth Hormone to not only enhances cardiovascular output in healthy people, but to be used as an adjunctive treatment for patients with heart disease.

-Sacca L, Cittadini A, Fazio S. Growth Hormone and the heart. Endocr Rev 1994; 15:555-573